Landshark Systems is a technology-focused recruiting firm capitalizing on a solid team with 50 years of combined experience. While our partnership is new, our history runs deep in the Information Technology space. Our clients call on our depth and expertise to source and deliver the very best industry Sales, Marketing and Business Development executives in Enterprise Software, Hardware and Professional Services. Working primarily with emerging, technology-driven start-ups across the country we leverage an expanding global network of active and passive candidates who are recognized as the top players in their field. Utilizing both retained and contingency models, we tailor executive searches to our client's specific and often narrow requirements. In the increasingly specialized technology domains, Landshark differentiates by translating specialized requirements directly into human capital. We take great pride in one particular element of this process and our clients consistently remind us why we are their "Go-To" team for Sales and Marketing IT professionals - "The Landshark team finds the few people who not only understand our mission and our niche but also the ones who go out and drive revenues for us quickly and efficiently…from VP to AE, the Landshark candidates are as aggressive as their namesake…"

We pride ourselves on nurturing and driving lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and candidates; not unlike the symbiotic relationships sharks have with ocean inhabitants such as Remoras. In doing so we employ a less-is-more approach to our projects. We know our core strengths - geographies, technologies, positions and where we can make a significant contribution and deliver fast and efficient ROI. Equally important, we understand and recognize when we can't execute against our high standards, knowing that sometimes the best investments are the ones you never make.

Our methodology has consistently proven itself and has stood the test of adversity over the last few years. We named ourselves in part after the greatest, most efficient hunters the planet has ever known - Which poses one very simple question: Don't you want Earth's most perfectly evolved predator in your corner? We thought so.